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MACEDONIAN COOKBOOKS : Traditional Macedonian Meals For Holiday's...

Welcome to the Macedonian Gift Store on the Internet! We carry everything from
Filigree Jewelry to Ikons and National Folklore Music - all perfect as a Gift or simply
souvenir from Macedonia. Many of the unique, handcrafted items displayed are created
by Macedonian artists and old masters of the filigree or ceramics that still work in Old
Skopje Bazaar
.Here the waves of various cultures threaded their path, a new culture was
crystallized, new habits were formed, the union was felt of the smells of the East, the
West, of the Mediterranean and the Balkans !

Macedonian Ikons ,Books ,Ceramic ,Music... are a fantastic way to enjoy the
beauty of the Macedonian folklore while protecting it.

Order a Gift for yourself or that special person!

Today's suggestions

Heleth 4 c. bc - dating
from Alexander the Great

Lysmarchus - silver coin bearing the head of
Alexander the great. An exact copy from the
created by artists in the Macedonian
national museum in Skopje.See other antiques
from Macedonia.
Great compilation of traditional Macedonian folk music -
chalgia.This selection of 120 songs arranged on 6 original
CD's selected for you is a small presentation
of the rich
Macedonian folk music. Macedonian songs about duces,
love songs, work, humorous....

Buy a Tava, traditional Macedonian dish
for preparing traditional meals. Tava is ceramic
pot that comes in different sizes and shapes

decorated in traditional shapes and colors.


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